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I have been practising Tai Chi since 1989 with a number of teachers over the years – mainly senior or well-established students of Professor Chee Soo – the original Grandmaster of Lee/Li Style Tai Chi in the UK.

While living in different locations I trained with various UK teachers. More recently I have trained on Master Howard Gibbon’s courses, who is one of Chee Soo’s most senior original students, president of the East West Taoist Association (EWTA) and all-round nice bloke.  (He’s a Yorkshireman, so he takes the word ‘bloke’ as a compliment).

I have an EWTA Tai Chi Instructors Qualification, and have been running classes since 2005. I am also a registered Instructor with the Tai Chi Union For Great Britain (TCUGB)


The Matlock class, with class co-founder Sarah showing off our new t-shirt. I am at the back in the middle-ish (pale blue top). Photo courtesy of the Matlock Mercury.

Over the past twenty-five or so years of practice (with some gaps), I have found Tai Chi to be so beneficial on many levels. It is considerably more than a form of exercise. It always gives such a feeling of ‘rejuvenating calmness’ (I know that sounds a bit like a contradiction). It seems to relax and calm the body and mind, and yet gives you more energy and leaves you feeling more ‘balanced’ and ‘whole’, somehow. These are somewhat vague and inadequate words, but this is the only way I can honestly describe it – what the Tai Chi masters call enabling your chi or life-force energy to flow as it should.

It is my pleasure and privilege to share this beautiful art with people that are interested and receptive to its many benefits.

Kind regards,

David, Instructor